Imbuki ya Lusumo lunulo ilolile bhukoyakoyi bho munhu uyo agang’wa nhomba nsebhu ahikanza lya nzala. Ilikanza linilo nimi umo agaibhunda mhomba yiniyo iyo yalinsebhu, wisanga alihanzila maka ya gumila apye nulu guswa bhusiga.

Kunguno ilikanza linilo lyalilyanzala ni shigu jinijo ubhusiga bholi bhugehu noyi. Unimi ng’wunuyo agogoha uyiswa imhomba yiniyo iyo yali ya bhusiga. Hangi agogoha uguimila giki agupya. Nose aganoga uimila upya ililangu lyakwe, kitumo bhagandikila abha Pd. Donald Syberts  MM., na Pd. Joseph Healey, MM., umujibho jabho ijo jigitanagwa, ‘Kueneza Injili kwa Methali,’ uk. 9.

Ulusumo lunulo lugalenganijiyagwa kuli munhu uyo agitaga miito gabhubhi, nulu amito ayo galemejiwa, guti gushiya na mkima o ng’wa munhu, na mito gangi ayo gikolile na linilo. Umunhu ng’wunuyo agadumaga ugwiyangula agaleke amiito genayo, nose agagiita na guding’wa.

Ulusumo lunulo lolanga bhanhu higulya ya kuleka gwita mito gabhubhi umuchalo, kunguno amito genayo gali maluho ukubhoyi. Yigelelilwe abhanhu bhenabho bhiyangule gulondela njila imo, iya bhutungilija umuchalo, kugiki bhajibheje chiza, ikaya jabho, nu wikaji bhobho.

Methali 6:27 – 29.

Mathayo 5:27 – 28.

Waroma 7:15, 24.


Chanzo cha Methali hiyo huangalia mahangaiko ya mtu aliyemeza uji wa moto wakati ya njaa. Wakati huo mkulima mmoja alipokunywa uji huo wa moto alijikuta yuko njia panda kati ya kumeza na kutema. Kwa sababu ya kipindi hicho kuwa cha njaa, siku hizo mtama ulikuwa haba sana. Mkulima huyo aliogopa kuutema ule uji wa mtama. Pia aliogopa kuungua akiumeza. Mwishowe akaumeza na kuungua koo lake, wasema, Pd. Donald Syberts  MM., na Pd. Joseph Healey, MM., kwenye kitabu chao kiitwacho, ‘Kueneza Injili kwa Methali, uk. 9.

Methali hiyo hulinganishwa kwa mtu atendaye maovu au matendo yaliyokatazwa kama vile kuzini na mke wa mtu, na matendo mengine yafananayo na hilo. Mtu huyo hushindwa kuamua kuacha kitendo hicho, mwishowe huamua kukitenda na kukamatwa.

Methali hiyo hufundisha watu juu ya kuacha kutenda matendo maovu katika jamii, kwa sababu matendo hayo ni maumivu kwao. Yafaa watu hao waamue kufuata njia moja ya kutenda mema katika jamii, kwa ajili ya kujiletea maendeleo katika maisha yao na familia zao.

Methali 6:27 – 29.

Mathayo 5:27 – 28.

Waroma 7:15, 24.




The overhead proverb looks at the dilemma of a person who swallowed hot millet porridge during a famine. There were two difficult choices for the victim to make: Either to swallow the meal and get scalded or to spit it out and starve. And because of the famine, millet was very scarce. Thus, the victim found it difficult to spit the porridge. But he was also afraid of burning, if he swallowed it. Eventually, he bruised and burned his throat, say, Fr. Donald Syberstz, MM., and Fr. Joseph Healey, MM., in their book, ‘Spreading the Gospel in Proverbs.’ p.9.

Such proverb is compared to a person who commits acts of immorality such as adultery. The fellow finds it hard to make a decisive choice, so he/she ends up committing the vice and getting punished for it.

The proverb teaches people to avoid doing evil things in society, because such things attract dire consequences. They cause pain. It is advisable, therefore, that people follow the righteous route, to ensure better lives and better families.

Proverbs 6:27 – 29.

Matthew 5:27 – 28.

Romans 7:15, 24.


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