During his missionary ministry in Shinyanga Diocese, Tanzania, Marehemu Padri Don Sybertz collected many prayers of the Sukuma people such as this prayer:

        “Look on your child and heal him or her. When? Today. May your child give birth. When? Today. May the rain come. When? Today. May our cows give birth? When? Today. May we have well-being both in body and soul. When? Today. May all that is bad in our lives be thrown into the lake and be eaten by the crocodiles. May we live in peace. And may you God, the “All Powerful One,” please help us.”

A Christian version of this prayer is: “May Jesus Christ our ancestor and healing guest who ‘is able for all time to save those who come to God through him’ (Hebrews 7:25) heal us soul and body. When? Today.” Amen.