We are appreciate the great work of Fr. Joe Healey, MM, for initiating an idea of carrying on with the research which they did for many years with the late Don Sybertz the sukuma land.

The appreciate the work of Fr. Charles Wilbert Bundu, on Sukuma songs.

We appreciate the work of Prof. Cephas Agbemenu, on various photos.

We appreciate great work of Eti Dayan, in resigning the website.

The whole project could not be done without the big support of the KAMATI YA UTAFITI, our research groups located in Ndoleleji, Shinyanga and Bariadi, Tanzania. We are appreciating their enormous contribution to the success of this project.

MANY THANKS to our design team African Proverbs Working Group (APWG): Elias Bushiri Élie (leader), Cephas Agbemenu, Charles Gikera, Joseph G. Healey.